I.U. Huberts Söhne Rosenheim ( Bayern)

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I.U. Huberts Söhne Rosenheim ( Bayern)


Comercial flyer on 3 pages of the company- Hubert and sons- founded 1840, awarded 1854 and 1882. The company was producing fire service equipment.


ca. 1891



Historical Description

Decisive for the settlement of the area were the Inn River and the associated Inn Valley. In 1234, Rosenheim Castle was first mentioned on the eastern bank of the Inn, on today's Schlossberg, above a new Inn bridge. Around the time of the first mention of the castle in 1234, Rosenheim emerged in the 13th century on the western bank as a settlement of boatmen. Since the area at the Inn bridge could not be built on for a long time due to the swampy ground at the mouth of the Mangfall, the settlement was built a few hundred meters away from it. Rosenheim's city center is thus not located directly on the riverbank. The town quickly gained importance as a transhipment point for all kinds of goods transported on the Inn (cattle, grain, silk, weapons, salt) and was granted market rights in 1328. The economic decline came in the course of the 17th century in the wake of the decline of Inn navigation and the consequences of the Thirty Years' War. However, Rosenheim did not receive its town charter until 1864 by King Ludwig II.

Place of Publication Rosenheim
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