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Antiochia map- View shows the city of Antioch on the Orontes River or also called Antioch. It was a city in ancient Syria (today Antakya, Turkey). From the Panorama of the Universe. Printed and published by Gottlieb Haase, Prague.


ca. 1836



Historical Description

Near Antakya (Antioch on the Orontes or Antioch) was the Bronze Age city of Alalach (now Tell Açana), an important regional trading center whose beginnings date to about 3400 BC. Here the trade routes from Aleppo, Mesopotamia and from Palestine to Anatolia and the Mediterranean crossed. The city was connected to the sea by the Orontes (river). Trade with Cyprus is attested in writing and archaeologically. In Roman and Byzantine times it was the largest and most important city in the Eastern Mediterranean, along with Alexandria in Egypt and (later) Constantinople, and at times the third largest city in the world. Along with Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, and Jerusalem, Antioch was the seat of one of the five equal-ranking patriarchs of Christianity.

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