Weston (Missouri)

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Weston (Missouri)


Decorative view of the city of Weston in Missouri, USA


ca. 1840


Kunstanstalt Hildburghausen (1828-1874)

The German publishing company Bibliographisches Institut was founded 1826 in Gotha by Joseph Meyer, moved 1828 to Hildburghausen and 1874 to Leipzig. Its production over the years includes such well-known titles as Meyers Lexikon.

Historical Description

The Lewis and Clark expedition stopped at Bear Medison Island, near the present town hall. Weston was the oldest settlement in the Platte Purchase of 1836, making it the farthest west (hence "West Town") in the United States until Texas was recognized as a state in 1845. William "Buffalo Bill" Cody once lived in Weston, and the town was an important starting point for the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, and the California Gold Rush. Weston was once the second largest port on the Missouri River, surpassing both Kansas City and St. Joseph, and claimed to be the second largest city in Missouri shortly after its founding.

Place of Publication Hildburghausen
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