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Vue de Sion.

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Article ID EUC3972
Artist Himely (1801-1872)
Title Vue de Sion.
Year ca. 1845
Description Decorative total view of the city Sitten, Canton Vallis.
As a result of the decline of the feudal social order and thanks to privileges and concessions granted by the bishop, the citizens of Sion had a limited independence in the Middle Ages. From the middle of the 14th century to 1475, the history of Sion was filled with wars and destruction. Bishop Witschard Tavel tried to reduce the privileges of the cathedral collegiate chapter and the citizenry with the support of the Count of Savoy. In 1352, Sion was conquered, pillaged and plundered by an army from Savoy. In 1373, the Bishop bought back the majority of the fief of Sion from the de Greysier family. Majorie Castle became the Bishop's residence and the maior was now appointed by the Bishop every year. After the origional painting from Gabriel Lory ( 1784-1846), Bern.
Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)22 x 28,5
ConditionMinor stains
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print- Aquatinta


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