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Village of Gladova. / Village de Gladova.

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Article ID EUR4041
Artist Griffiths
Title Village of Gladova. / Village de Gladova.
Year ca. 1840
Description View of the serbian city Kladovo at the river Donau.
Kladovo is a town and municipality located in the Bor District of eastern Serbia. It is situated on the right bank of the Danube river. In the time of the Roman Empire, the name of the town was Zanes while the fortifications was known as Diana and Pontes (from Greek ;sea -pontos, or Roman bridge - pontem). Emperor Trajan had a number of fortications constructed in the area during the Roman times, such as the well-known Trajan's Bridge (Pontes was built on the Serbian side, Theodora was built on the Romanian side). Later, Slavs founded a settlement that was named Novi Grad while Ottomans built a fortress here and called it Fethülislam. The present-day name of Kladovo is first recorded in 1596 in an Austrian military document.
Place of Publication London / Paris
Dimensions (cm)15 x 18
ConditionVery good
TechniqueSteel engraving


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