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Tribus Zabulon, Isachar, et, dimidia Manasse altera, hoc est, illae Terrae Sanctae regiones,…

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Artist Adrichem, van (1533-1585)
Christian A. or van Adrichum, born in Delft (1533- 1585) son of Adrian Klaasz, mayor of Delft, devoted himself to theology, was ordained priest in 1566. He was mainly concerned with Jerusalem and the Holy Land. He published under the Latin name Adrichomius: "Iervsalem, sicvt Christi tempore florvit, et suburbanorum, insigniorumque historiarum eius breuis descriptio". Theatrum terrae Sanctae et Biblicarvm Historiarvm cum tabulis geographicis", To this Theatrum, also translated into different languages, is attached a "Chronicon duplex". Adrichem's writings are worked with great diligence, they are very often used and are still partly cited today.
Title Tribus Zabulon, Isachar, et, dimidia Manasse altera, hoc est, illae Terrae Sanctae regiones,…
Year ca. 1590
Description Decorative and rare map of the lands granted to the Tribes of Zabulon or Zebulun, Issachar or Isachar and the western half of the tribe of Manasseh at the time of Joshua's division of the Twelve Tribes. The map shows the Sea of Galilee westward to the Mediterranean. Many Biblical illustrations include a dramatic scene where Jonas is being cast from a sailing ship into the open maw of the awaiting whale. This map, among the most attractive of the series, shows the Sea of Galilee in full with several scenes from the life of Jesus, including the walking on water episode, Jesus preaching from a boat, and others. This map is the fourth of ten maps of the Holy Land prepared by Christian van Adrichem for publication in his Theatrum Terrae Sanctae. Adrichem's maps for the Theatrum were made between 1580 and 1585, but were published posthumously by his associate, Gerardis Brunius of Koln, in 1590. The publication went through several later editions and served as a basis for most subsequent maps of the Holy Land well into the 18th century.
Place of Publication Cologne
Dimensions (cm)36 x 39,5
ConditionPerfect condition
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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