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Suede, Danemark, et Norwege

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Artist Chatelain (1684-1743)
Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684 - 1743) was a Huguenot pastor of Parisian origins. He lived consecutively in Paris, St. Martins, London (c. 1710), The Hague (c. 1721) and Amsterdam (c. 1728). He is best known as a Dutch cartographer and more specifically for his cartographic contribution in the seminal seven volume Atlas Historique, published in Amsterdam between 1705 and 1720. Innovative for its time, the Atlas Historique combined fine engraving and artwork with scholarly studies of geography, history, ethnology, heraldry, and cosmography. Some scholarship suggests that the Atlas Historique was not exclusively compiled by Henri Chatelain, as is commonly believed, but rather was a family enterprise involving Henri, his father Zacharie and his brother, also Zacharie.
Title Suede, Danemark, et Norwege
Year ca. 1720
Map shows total Scandinavia with Swenden, Norway and Denmark. Victor Schœlchers, Louis Braille.
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Dimensions (cm)14 x 17
ConditionVery good
TechniqueCopper print


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