Stati della R. Casa di Savoja

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Stati della R. Casa di Savoja


Map shows the lake of Geneva with Ciablese Savoyen and three coat of arms.


ca. 1750



Historical Description

In Celtic times, the area was inhabited by the Allobroges, a Celtic tribe. In 121 BC the Romans subdued it and united it with Gaul, from which they later formed the province of Alpes Graiae et Vallis Poeninae. In 838 Sapaudia came to High Burgundy, then from 934 it belonged to the Kingdom of Burgundy, with which it joined the Holy Roman Empire in 1032. The new lords called themselves Counts of Savoy since 1125 and soon got rid of their ecclesiastical feudal lord. In 1310/1313 Savoy was elevated to an imperial principality and in 1388 the county of Nice was acquired. In 1512/1521, Savoy was finally formally incorporated into the Upper Rhine imperial circle. In 1792, French Revolutionary troops invaded the territory without a declaration of war. Between 1796 and 1815, Savoy was part of France, initially forming the Département Mont-Blanc. In 1798 it was divided into the departments of Mont-Blanc and Léman. In 1801, the country also left the Roman-German Empire under international law. As a result of the Italian unification process, which came about with French support, inMarch 1860 King Victor Emmanuel II ceded Savoy and the County of Nice to the French Empire in the Treaty of Turin.

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