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South America agreeable to the most approved Maps and Charts

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Artist Kitchin (Kitchen) (1718-1784)
Thomas Kitchin (or Thomas Kitchen (1718–1784) was an English engraver and cartographer, who became hydrographer to the king. He was also an author, who wrote about the history of the West Indies. He produced John Elphinstone's map of Scotland (1746), Geographia Scotiae (1749), and The Small English Atlas (1749) with Thomas Jefferys. The Large English Atlas (with Bowen 1749–60) was a serious attempt to cover England at large scale. In 1755 Kitchin engraved the Mitchell Map map of North AmericaHe worked for London Magazine. He produced 170 maps for London Magazine (1747–83). Kitchin was the head hydrographer for the King of England. Kitchin frequently stole the works of other cartographers, which is one reason why he created so much work as a cartographer. His book, The Present State of the West-Indies: Containing an Accurate Description of What Parts Are Possessed by the Several Powers in Europe was published in 1778 by R. Baldwin in London.
Title South America agreeable to the most approved Maps and Charts
Year ca. 1782
Map depicts South Amrica, the islands of Galapagos with a decorative cartouche. From Millar's New Complete & Universal System of Geography.
Place of Publication London
Dimensions (cm)34 x 38
ConditionSome folds
TechniqueCopper print


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