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Sistow in Bulgarien

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Artist Kunstanstalt Hildburghausen (1828-1874)
The German publishing company Bibliographisches Institut was founded 1826 in Gotha by Joseph Meyer, moved 1828 to Hildburghausen and 1874 to Leipzig. Its production over the years includes such well-known titles as Meyers Lexikon
Title Sistow in Bulgarien
Year ca. 1860
Description Decorative view of the city Russe, bulgarian: Pyce) at the river Donau.
 Ruse  is the fifth largest city in Bulgaria. During Ottoman rule, the invaders destroyed the town, reacting to a 1595 unsuccessful liberation attempt by a joint Vlach-Bulgarian army, led by Michael the Brave. After its rebuilding in the following years, Ruse was dubbed Rusçuk (Turkish for "little Ruse") and had again expanded into a large fortress by the 18th century. It later grew into one of the most important Ottoman towns on the Danube and an administrative centre of Tuna Vilayet, which extended from Varna and Tulcea to Sofia and Niš. After it became part of modern Bulgaria on 20 February 1878, Ruse was one of the key cultural and economic centres of the country.
Place of Publication Hildburghausen
Dimensions (cm)11,5 x 14,5
ConditionTear on lower part perfectly restored
TechniqueSteel engraving


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