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A portrait of Rembrandt van Rijn(1606 1669). He was a Dutch painter and etcher. He is generally considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art and the most important in Dutch history. His contributions to art came in a period of great wealth and cultural achievement that historians call the Dutch Golden Age when Dutch Golden Age painting, although in many ways antithetical to the Baroque style that dominated Europe, was extremely prolific and innovative, and gave rise to important new genres in painting. Having achieved youthful success as a portrait painter, Rembrandt's later years were marked by personal tragedy and financial hardships. Yet his etchings and paintings were popular throughout his lifetime, his reputation as an artist remained high and for twenty years he taught many important Dutch painters.


ca. 1860


Hanfstaengel (1804-1877)

Franz Seraph Hanfstaengl (1804-1877) Munich, was a Bavarian painter, lithographer and photographer. In 1833 he founded in Munich a lithographic establishment of his own, which he operated until 1868, and to which he later attached a fine art printing shop and (in 1853) a photographic workshop. Hanfstaengl won for himself much popularity as the portrait lithographer of Munich society.

Place of Publication Munich
Dimensions (cm)39 x 30
ConditionVery good
TechniqueCopper print- Aquatinta


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