San Louis am Mississippi.

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San Louis am Mississippi.


Decorative view of the city St. Louis at the river Mississippi, USA. The lake and in the background a total view of the city.


ca. 1840


Kunstanstalt Hildburghausen (1828-1874)

The German publishing company Bibliographisches Institut was founded 1826 in Gotha by Joseph Meyer, moved 1828 to Hildburghausen and 1874 to Leipzig. Its production over the years includes such well-known titles as Meyers Lexikon.

Historical Description

French merchant Pierre Laclède Liguest and his New Orleans-born stepson Auguste Chouteau founded Saint Louis in 1763 as a trading post. The actual founding of the city took place in 1764. After the French and Indian War (1754-1763), St. Louis was under Spanish control, but was returned - along with the rest of Louisiana - to France during the Napoleonic War.

Place of Publication Hildburghausen
Dimensions (cm)12 x 16
ConditionMinor stains
TechniqueSteel engraving


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