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View of Iceland's capital Reykjavik with sailing ships in front. Iceland is the second largest island state in Europe in terms of area. The main island is the largest volcanic island on earth and is located just south of the Arctic Circle.


c. 1811



Historical Description

According to the land register, Reykjavík was founded by Ingólfur Arnarson, one of the first settlers in Iceland. As is customary with the Vikings, he had settled where the pillars of his high seat thrown into the sea had been washed ashore. Archaeological excavations have now shown that in the 9th century - first traces point to the year 870 - Vikings from Norway and Celtic immigrants settled in this area. Skúli Magnússon, now known as the “father of the city”, who from 1749 worked as a governor based in Bessastaðir, is responsible for the upswing of the place. He ensured the settlement of the first industrial companies.

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