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Artist Wagner (1803-1861)
He was initially a lawyer at the University of Vienna and then took on the position of a private teacher and educator in the Gf family. Hoyos, who gave him the opportunity to train in drawing and painting. In 1828 he moved to Lavantental, where he first painted in the house of the art lover Rosthorn in Wolfsberg and later in Wiesenau Castle. He familiarized himself with the technique of stone printing and represented the landscapes that inspired him.
Title Raibl.
Year ca. 1850
Description Decorative view of Raibl with the mountain Raibl ; five peack; in the back ground, Italy.
Place of Publication Klagenfurt
Dimensions (cm)26,5 x 33
ConditionPerfect condition
Coloringoriginal colored


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