Quintin Metsys

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Quintin Metsys


Portrait of Quentin Matsys (b.1466 in Leuven - d. 1530). He was a Flemish painter in the Old Netherlandish tradition.


ca. 1800



Historical Description

Quentin Massys (1466-1530) was a Flemish painter and medalist and co-founder of the Antwerp school of painting. According to old tradition, he first received training as a blacksmith in his native city of Louvain. Quentin's father, Josse Matsys, was a watchmaker and builder in municipal service. When the question of succession had to be settled, the decision was made in favor of Josse, Quentin's brother. Quentin switched to the painting trade, especially since a debilitation following a serious illness made it impossible for him to continue working as a blacksmith. During his training as a blacksmith, he had already learned to draw. Massys was in contact with many famous painters of his time. On his travels to England, he probably met Hans Holbein the Younger several times. Albrecht Dürer visited him in Antwerp in 1520. He became godfather to the children of Joachim Patinir, who is believed to have contributed to the backgrounds of some of Massys' paintings. Massys died in Antwerp in 1530, probably from the plague. In his honor the asteroid (9569) Quintenmatsijs was named after him in November 2002.

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