Quatriéme playe d´Egypte Un melange d´infectes

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Quatriéme playe d´Egypte Un melange d´infectes


Representation of the 4th biblical plague, mosquitos


ca. 1729


Covens/ Mortier (1685-1740)

Jean Covens und Corneille Mortier where brothers in law, who continued the bussines, founded of Pierre Mortier in 1685 in Amsterdam. They called it Covens & Mortier. They extended their buissines in buying the company of De Witt.

Historical Description

The ten biblical plagues refer to a series of catastrophes that, according to the biblical narrative, plagued the land of Egypt around the 13th century BC. There is no historical evidence for this story, which has been handed down in the Bible, even though this has been attempted by dating volcanic eruptions, which are assumed by several scientists to have been the original trigger for the plagues.

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