Prospectus Caleti Portûs / 38e. Vue d Optique Representant / Le Port de Calais

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Prospectus Caleti Portûs / 38e. Vue d Optique Representant / Le Port de Calais


Splendid peep-show view of the port of Calais with numerous sailing ships and figures in the foreground.


ca. 1750


Daumont (1740-1775)

Jean François Daumont (1740 - 1775) was a french publisher and printer of vues d'optique, wallpaper, popular prints, and playing-cards.

Historical Description

Calais is a port city in the north of France. From the Portus Itius, located slightly southwest of today's Calais, Julius Caesar launched his two campaigns of the years 55 and 54 BC to Britain. Calais, which belonged to the counties of Boulogne and Flanders, probably originated from a fishing village called Petresse. Due to the subjugation of England to Norman rule (1066) and the formation of the cloth trade of Flanders, Calais developed into an increasingly important port and trading center. Matthew of Alsace carried out the foundation of the city of Calais in 1173. Towards the end of the 13th century, sailors originating from Calais often engaged in piracy, robbing English ships because this was more profitable than trading activities. This behavior intensified at the beginning of the Hundred Years War. After the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis (1559), Calais was to remain in French control for eight years and then be returned to the English; but France kept it. Since then, the territory of the city (Calaisis), together with the adjacent county of Guînes, received the name of Pays Reconquis and formed a sub-state of Picardy.

Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)25,5 x 38 cm
ConditionVery good
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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