Picchiotto sitta caesia

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Picchiotto sitta caesia


Representation of two nuthatch


ca. 1830



Historical Description

The name refers to the fact that the nuthatch glues the entrance of breeding cavities of other birds, for example those of woodpeckers, with clay in order to use them itself. The term "nuthatch" comes from Middle High German and referred to craftsmen who created mud walls. To protect the cavity from the access of martens or crows, nuthatches "wall up" the entrance to their breeding burrows with a mixture of clay and saliva so far that they just fit through. The nuthatch is also called the "woodpecker tit" because its way of life and appearance are reminiscent of both birds - woodpeckers and titmice.

Dimensions (cm)42 x 30
ConditionVery good
Coloringoriginal colored


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