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Map shows the area of Philisbourg and Bruchsal in Rheinlandpfalz


ca. 1770


Desnos (1725-1805)

Louis-Charles Desnos (1725 - 1805) was both a globe maker and publisher of maps. In the former capacity he was appointed globe maker to the King of Denmark but spent most of his life working in Paris. Louis Charles Desnos and Claude Buy de Mornas worked together in the same establishments and issued together "La Manniere de Reconnoitre les Principales Etoiles dans le Ciel" (The Manner of Recognizing the Principal Stars in the Sky) in 1761.

Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)57 x 46
ConditionMap is printed on 12 sheets, mounted on linnen, foldes
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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