Adina Sommer`s Rare Antique Maps and Contemporary Art

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Article ID EUP3664
Artist Anonymus
Title no titel
Year ca. 1740
Map shows the south west part of Poland with the cities  Peitz, Cottbus, Spremberg, Forst (Lausitz), Lubsko (dt. Sommerfeld), Jasién (dt. Gassen), Novogód Bobrzański (dt. Naumburg am Bober), Bad Muskau an der Neiße, Trzebiel (dt. Triebel), Zary (dt. Sorau), Zagań (dt. Sagan) . The map depicts very detailed the forests, cities and routes between all cities and a mile index.
Dimensions (cm)42 x 59,5
ConditionTears on the left side perfectly restored
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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