Li Governi di Borgogna della Franca Contea e del Lyonois

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Li Governi di Borgogna della Franca Contea e del Lyonois


Map shows the french region of Burgund, Franche-Comté, Lyonnais with a decorative title cartouche.


ca. 1777


Zatta (1757-1797)

Antonio Zatta (1757 – 1797) was an Italian cartographer who was based in Venice. One of his major contributions include the Atlante Novissimo, a four volume atlas of the world in very high scientific quality.

Historical Description

The present region was already inhabited by people in the Paleolithic Age. The Duchy of Burgundy was ruled by a side line of the French royal house, the Capetians, from 1032 to 1361. It passed to Philip of Valois in 1363, who founded the House of Burgundy as a collateral line of the French royal house of Valois. The duchy was dissolved after the French Revolution in the course of the division of the state into departments in 1790; with it disappeared the name Burgundy for a political-administrative unit.

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