L´angé annonce la naissance de J. C. aubergers

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L´angé annonce la naissance de J. C. aubergers


Representation of the announcement of the birth of Jesus thru an angel. Annunciation" often also means the proclamation of Jesus' conception to Mary by the archangel Gabriel, as described in the Gospel of Luke. In Christianity, proclamation is the spreading of the Word of God, the Gospel (literally "Good News") of Jesus Christ, focusing on His life, the love of God, the redemption through His death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


ca. 1729


Covens/ Mortier (1685-1740)

Jean Covens und Corneille Mortier where brothers in law, who continued the bussines, founded of Pierre Mortier in 1685 in Amsterdam. They called it Covens & Mortier. They extended their buissines in buying the company of De Witt.

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