Kostroma in Russland

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Kostroma in Russland


View of the city Kostroma at the rivers Wolga and Kostroma.


ca. 1850


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Historical Description

Kostroma is a Russian city, located about 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow at the confluence of the Volga River and the Kostroma River, and is one of the oldest and architecturally most attractive Russian cities. If one assumes the widely accepted foundation hypothesis of the city, Kostroma is five years younger than Moscow. Thus, it is one of the oldest cities in the central European part of Russia. From the 16th century Kostroma began to rise as one of the most important cities in the now united Tsardom of Russia. In the 17th century, Russia recovered from the turmoil of the Smuta and Kostroma also gained noticeable economic importance, thanks in part to its convenient location. By the middle of the century, Kostroma was already the third largest city in the Tsardom after Moscow and Yaroslavl, and the proximity of the latter contributed significantly to Kostroma's economic prosperity. The biggest role in the city at that time was played by handicrafts, including iron smithing and soap making.In the 18th century, the cultivation of flax and the textile industry became the leading economic sector in and around Kostroma. The first manufactories were established in the city, and the architectural ensemble of the city center was complemented by noble merchants' residences, quite a few of which are still standing today.

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