Joseph Nogari / Felix Polanzani

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Joseph Nogari / Felix Polanzani


A portrait of Guiseppe, Joseph Nogari (1699 Venedig - 1766) . He was an Italian painter of the Rococo. He painted mainly painted half-body portraits, either real or of historical and religious figures. They are striking for their emotional content, subdued decoration and coloration, and often display aged individuals in somewhat homely or shabby attire with a dark background. He is said to have trained under Antonio Balestra or, more likely, under Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. He followed the latter' style, as well as those of Rosalba Carriera, Jacopo Amigoni, and Rembrandt. He was patronized by two German patrons in Venice, Sigismund Streit and Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg. Print from Felice Polanzani (or Polanzi) (c. 1700 - after 1771), he was an Italian engraver ND also engraved works of Van Dyck, Carlo Cignani, Marco Benefial, and G. Noyan.


ca. 1744


Polanzani (ca 1700-nach 1771)

Place of Publication Rome
Dimensions (cm)16 x 13
ConditionPerfect condition
TechniqueCopper print


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