Hongrie & P.N. Sanson le fils Geographe du Roy

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Hongrie & P.N. Sanson le fils Geographe du Roy


Map shows total eastern Europe with Hungaria, Romania and the Balkan states


ca. 1650


Mariette (1603-1657)

Pierre Mariette (1603–1657), who was already a book printer with engravings and books. His grandson was Jean Pierre Mariette, (1694-1774), he was a French engraver, collector and art critic.

Historical Description

In the historical sense, Eastern Europe refers to Ukraine, the European part of Russia, Belarus and the Republic of Moldova. Occasionally, the Caucasian countries of Georgia, Armenia and, conditionally, Azerbaijan are also seen as part of Eastern Europe. By Christian Giordano and other scholars, one of the six historical regions of Europe is called "Eastern Europe." The Eastern European countries are historically and culturally largely influenced by the Orthodox Church (Islamic Azerbaijan excepted) and were - in contrast to the Ottoman-dominated Balkans - under the rule of the Russian Empire. Like the Balkan countries, the countries of Eastern Europe were for a long time backward agricultural states (cf.: Intermediate Europe) and had no or only a limited share in the social developments of the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment of the Western world.

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