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Herkulesbad. Nach einer Originalskizze von A. Heilmann.

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Artist Gebrüder Kröner (1868-)
Title Herkulesbad. Nach einer Originalskizze von A. Heilmann.
Year ca. 1880
coraive view of Mehadia in  Banat, Romania.It  is a small market town and commune in Caraș-Severin County, Romania.
During Roman period, Mehadia was the known by the name "Ad Medium"; the ruins of a fortress and other Roman antiquaries testify this fact. The Hercules baths also are of Roman vintage known in that period as Thermae Herculis or Ponies Herculis. Subsequent to the fall of the Roman Empire, the place was deserted till it was restored in recent times (after 1735) and the springs are most visited (June to September are the best months for visiting the baths). The Roman road from the Danube to Dacia was close to this village.
Place of Publication Leipzig
Dimensions (cm)24 x 33
ConditionTear external margin perfectly restored
TechniqueWood engraving


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