Görgey ungarischer General.

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Görgey ungarischer General.


A portrait of Arthur Görgei ( 1818 - 1916 , Budapest) a hungarian general and politician. He was a Hungarian military leader renowned for being one of the greatest generals of the Hungarian Revolutionary Army. Görgei's relationship and conflicts with Lajos Kossuth, the foremost politician and president-governor of Hungary, influenced the course of the war of independence and his military career but also his post-revolutionary life until his death.


ca. 1850


May (1845-1914)

The Eduard Gustav May company (later May & Wirsing and E. G. May Sons) was a Frankfurt art publisher that existed from 1845 to 1914 and was one of the leading German producers of popular prints. The company was founded on December 22nd, 1845 by the autodidact in the lithography shop Eduard Gustav May (1818–1907) in the Großer Hirschgraben with an old hand press. Initially May published art papers based on works by Frankfurt artists. May made the first big deal in 1848 with the order of the publisher Keller to produce views of the Paulskirche and the parliament as well as portraits of the members of parliament. May then bought six new presses, which he used to print event pictures and political caricatures in large numbers. In the 1850s, the company produced not only colored artist illustrations, but also a series of portraits of Frankfurt dignitaries and artists. In 1860 the company relocated to a new building at Eschersheimer Landstrasse 28/32. At this time, May also began to produce delicately colored gene graphics for upper-class home furnishings. After E. G. May left the company in 1878, his two sons Robert and Franz took over the company, which from then on traded under the name of E. G. May Sons. In 1880, the Mays sold all of the old production in order to concentrate only on the chromolithography business from now on.

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