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Geographischer Entwurff der Stadt und Gegend des Welt berühmten Kaeyser Carlbades in Königreich Böhmen…

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Artist Schenk (1660-1718)
Petrus Schenck, (1660 – 1711) was a German engraver and cartographer active in Amsterdam and Leipzig. Valck was married to Maria Bloteling, the sister of the Amsterdam engraver Abraham Bloteling. In 1687 Schenk married Gerard's sister Agatha Valck. In 1694, together with Valck, he bought some of the copperplates of the artdealer and cartographer Johannes Janssonius. Along with Valck and Bloteling, he produced prints for the London market, though it is not known if he ever went there with them.
Title Geographischer Entwurff der Stadt und Gegend des Welt berühmten Kaeyser Carlbades in Königreich Böhmen…
Year dated 1715
Description Map shows Karlsbad with Eger and Schlackenwerder, with 5 splendid general views of Ellenbogen, Kaeyser Karlsbad, Schlackenwerder, the city of Karlsbad and the summer houses of the mayors, as well as a map of Karlsbad.
Carlsbad- Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperorand King of Bohemia, founded the city in 1370. It is historically famous for its hot springs. Around 1350, Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor organized an expedition into the forests surrounding modern-day Karlovy Vary during a stay in Loket. On the site of a spring, he established a spa called the Horké Lázně u Lokte(Hot Spas at Loket). The location was subsequently named in German "Carlsbad" after him once he had acclaimed the healing power of the hot springs, at least according to legend. Charles IV granted the town privileges on 14 August 1370. Earlier settlements can be also found in the outskirts of today's town. An important political event took place in the town in 1819, with the issuing of the Carlsbad Decrees following a conference there. Initiated by the Austrian Minister of State Klemens von Metternich, the decrees were intended to implement anti-liberal censorship within the German Confederation.
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Dimensions (cm)50 x 57 cm
ConditionSome restoration at centerfold
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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