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Geographia Synodica, Sive Regionum, Urbium, et Locorum ubi Celebrata Sunt Concilia..

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Artist Sanson (1600-1667)
Nicolas Sanson (1600–1667) was a French cartographer, termed by some the creator of French geography, in which he's been called the father of French cartography. Active from 1627, Sanson issued his first map of importance, the ""Postes de France"", which was published by Melchior Tavernier in 1632. After publishing several general atlases himself he became the associate of Pierre Mariette, a publisher of prints. In 1647 Sanson accused the Jesuit Philippe Labbe of plagiarizing him in his Pharus Galliae Antiquae; in 1648 he lost his eldest son Nicolas, killed during the Fronde. Among the friends of his later years was the great Condé. He died in Paris on 7 July 1667. Two younger sons, Adrien (d. 1708) and Guillaume (d. 1703), succeeded him as geographers to the king. In 1692 Hubert Jaillot collected Sanson's maps in an Atlas nouveau. See also the 18th century editions of some of Sanson's works on Delamarche under the titles of Atlas de géographie ancienne and Atlas britannique; and the Catalogue des cartes et livres de géographie de Sanson (1702).
Title Geographia Synodica, Sive Regionum, Urbium, et Locorum ubi Celebrata Sunt Concilia..
Year dated 1657
 Decorative map of part of Europe with Great Britain, Spain, France Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria.The map shows each of the governing synods of the various regions of the Church within the map.  A very rare map.
Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)40 x 57,5
ConditionPerfect condition
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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