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Ferdinand Duc de Brunswig et Lünebourg Général en Chef de l armée alliée.

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Artist Kilian (1709-1780)
Kilian was the name of a family dynasty of artists, engravers and publishers who worked in Augsburg from the 16th to the 18th centuries. George Christophe Kilian (1709-1780), was the son of Georg Kilian, who worked as a copper engraver from Augsburg. Among other things, he published his Small Atlas (1757), America Septentrionalis (1760). Originally engraved by Joh.Stridbeck junior, the plates were published by Hans Georg Bodenehr and acquired by Stridbeck Sr. in 1717 after the death of Stridbeck Sr. The name Joh.Stridbeck junior is then replaced by Bodenehr. The name of this edition was changed to Kilian, the rarest edition of all.
Title Ferdinand Duc de Brunswig et Lünebourg Général en Chef de l armée alliée.
Year ca. 1760
Description Ferdinand, Prince of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1721, Wolfenbüttel – 1792, Brunswick), was a German-Prussian field marshal (1758–1766) known for his participation in the Seven Years' War. From 1757 to 1762 he led an Anglo-German army in Western Germany which successfully repelled French attempts to occupy Hanover. In the first campaign of the Seven Years' War, Ferdinand commanded one of the Prussian columns which converged upon Dresden, and in the operations which led up to the surrender of the Saxon army at Pirna (1756). At the Battle of Lobositz, he led the right wing of the Prussian infantry. In 1757, he distinguished himself at Prague, and served also in the Rossbach campaign.
Place of Publication Augsburg
Dimensions (cm)53 x 38,5
ConditionVery good
TechniqueCopper print


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