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Europe, Exhibiting its principal states.

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Artist Faden (1749-1836)
William Faden (1749 – 1836) was an English cartographer and a publisher of maps. He was the royal geographer to King George III. He replaced Thomas Jeffreys in that role.The title of -geographer to the king- was given to various people in the 18th century, including John Senex, Herman Moll, Emmanuel Bowen and Thomas Jeffreys. All of these men, including William Faden, were engravers and publishers, not scholars or academics. Their part was to publish and supply maps to the crown and parliament. William Faden printed the North American Atlas in 1777, and "" became the most important atlas chronicling the Revolution's battles."" There were 29 maps in the atlas, and they included detailed battle maps drawn by eyewitnesses.
Title Europe, Exhibiting its principal states.
Year dated 1792
Description Map shows total Europe with the formaer frontiers
Place of Publication London
Dimensions (cm)51,5 x 66
ConditionSome restoration at centerfold
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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