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Donau Strom von Abach gegen Peaetter Blatt IV.

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Artist Riedl (1746-1809)
Adrian von Riedl's cartographic work of the Bavarian colonel and in various offices with road, bridge and especially hydraulic engineering could have been crowned with the Stromatlas if it had not been unfinished due to his sudden death. Nevertheless, the sheets published in several subscription deliveries were and still are the best and most accurate reproduction of Bavarian waters and could only be replaced by the Topographical Bureau 1812-1867 (see Topographical Atlas of Baiern) in the course of the official state survey.
Title Donau Strom von Abach gegen Peaetter Blatt IV.
Year ca. 1807
Special hydrographical map of the river Donau of east Bavaria (Upper Palatinate) with the cities Regensburg, Bad Abbach, Gemeinde Sinzing, Schwabelweis, Donaustauf, Barbing, Sulzbach, Demlin,…
And the source of the Danube to the Black Sea.
From Topographische Bureau Bavaria 1812-1867
Printed from Lehmann Johannes, Augsburg.
Issued from Johann Georg Löffler in München.
Place of Publication Munich
Dimensions (cm)44,5 x 67,5
ConditionTear on the left side perfectly restored
TechniqueCopper print


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