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Die Stadt Suratta.

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Artist Nieuhoff (1618-1672)
Johan Nieuhof was a Dutch globetrotter. Nieuhof stayed in Brazil from 1640 to 1649. It was the time when the Dutch West Indian Company tried to take trading bases from the Portuguese. Unlike in Indonesia, the Portuguese managed to undo the initial successes of the Dutch and thus keep Brazil to themselves. Nieuhof got to know China as a member of a Dutch delegation to the Imperial Court of Beijing (1655–1657). The long journey from Canton to Beijing, by land and water, is the subject of the first part of Nieuhof's China report. The second part of Nieuhof's China book is devoted to a systematic description of "country and people" and the history of the country. Two reasons may explain the book's popularity at the time: There was the most comprehensive account of China to date, based on Nieuhof's own observations as well as the most important and Jesuit sources of the time. In addition, the 150 engravings gave the European reader the most realistic visual image of China to date. At the beginning of the 1660s, Nieuhof came to India. He was part of the armed forces of the East Indian Company that took a number of trading towns on the south coast of India from the Portuguese. From 1663 to 1666, he was director of the company's branches on the Malabar coast. Then, however, there were disputes with the governor general in Batavia. First Nieuhof was transferred to Sri Lanka, 1667 he left the service of the company. Nieuhof's experiences in India and Indonesia appeared in a separate work, which was bound together with the work on "West India" (Brazil). Nieuhof's reports on India and Indonesia are all the more valuable as a source because he knew many of the described areas from his own experience and in these cases did not have to refer to older literature. Johan Nieuhof gave one of the best descriptions of old Batavia, where he lived from 1667 to 1670 as a private person. In 1672 the ship he was sailing to Batavia anchored off Madagascar. Together with a landing party, Nieuhof went ashore to look for drinking water and remained missing with his companions. Because of his desire to travel, Joan Nieuhof never had the time to write a book. His brother Hendrik worked on and published his three works based on his notes.
Title Die Stadt Suratta.
Year ca. 1693
“Het gezandtschap der Neêrlandtsche Oost-Indische Compagnie, aan den grooten Tartarischen Cham, Den tegenwoordigen Keizer van China: waar in de gedenkwaerdigste geschiedenissen... beneffens een naauwkeurige Beschryvinge der Sineesche Steden, Dorpen, Regeering... Gewassen, Dieren...
Published by W. Waasberge in Amsterdam, a.d. 1693.
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Dimensions (cm)25 x 33,5
ConditionPerfect condition
TechniqueCopper print


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