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Die Landgrafschaft Ober und Nieder Hessen

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Artist Walch (1757-1815)
Johann Walch ( 1757 in Kempten-Allgäu- 1815 Augsburg ) was a german painter, drawer, printer and publisher. He was the son of Sebastian Walch and married in 1786 the daughter of the printer and publisher Johann Martin Will and worked with his father in law. In 1789 he was able to pruchase the herritage material of the copper printer and publisher Matthäus Seutter und Tobias Conrad Lotter with 208 copper plates and 25000 maps material. With this material he expanded the company into the famous map publishing company called „Joh. Walch’sche Landkarten Handlung“. Later then, it was called "Druckerei Joh. Walch".
Title Die Landgrafschaft Ober und Nieder Hessen
Year ca. 1810
Description Map shows total Hessen
Place of Publication Augsburg
Dimensions (cm)24,5 x 28
ConditionVery good
TechniqueCopper print


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