Der nördliche Theil des Grossen Weltmeeres

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Der nördliche Theil des Grossen Weltmeeres


Map of the northern Pacific Ocean with Hawaii.


ca. 1803



Historical Description

The Bering Strait is a strait of the Pacific, which separates Russia and Alaska slightly south of the Arctic Circle. The earliest reference of the strait were from maps from the Polo family; based on the adventures of Marco Polo. From at least 1562, European geographers thought that there was a Strait of Anián between Asia and North America. In 1648, Semyon Dezhnyov probably passed through the strait, but his report did not reach Europe. Danish-born Russian navigator Vitus Bering entered it in 1728. In 1732, Mikhail Gvozdev crossed it for the first time, from Asia to America.

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