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Der Herbst. L’Automne.

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Artist Rugendas (1666-1742)
Georg Philipp Rugendas (1666 - 1742) was a German painter and engraver who mainly worked in his hometown. He is the founding father of the important family of artists of the 18th and 19th centuries, which, in addition to him, also produced important painters such as Moritz Rugendas.
Title Der Herbst. L’Automne.
Year ca. 1710
Description Autumn shows a countrywoman with a basket full of wine grapes and plums.
Seasons divide the year into different periods, which are delimited by astronomical data - so also calendrical - or by characteristic climatic properties. The description of the seasons in this article refers to the northern hemisphere of the earth, in the southern hemisphere they are calendrically shifted by half a year. Summer and winter can also be understood as halves of a year, for example as the northern summer half-year and the southern winter half-year, respectively. Different peoples distinguish other times of the year. For example, the Sámi in Scandinavia know eight seasons, Australian Aborigines in Arnhemland six seasons.In Russia, the rasputiza is known as the mud season, in each case during the melting of snow in spring and during the autumn rains.
Place of Publication Augsburg
Dimensions (cm)40,5 x 31 cm
ConditionSome folds, margin partly resored
TechniqueCopper print- Aquatinta


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