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De Stadt Tripolis

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Artist Dapper (1636-1689)
Olfert Dapper was a Dutch physician and writer. He wrote books about world history and geography, although he never travelled outside the Netherlands. In 1663 wrote a book on the history of Amsterdam. His Description of Africa (1668) is a key text for African studies. His book "is one of the most authoritative 17th century accounts on Africa published in German. Translations appeared in English, French, and German. Dapper never traveled to Africa but used reports by Jesuit missionaries and other (Dutch) explorers. Within a few years he published about China, India, Persia, Georgia, and Arabia. His books became well known in his own time. The fine plates include views of Algiers, Benin, Cairo, Cape Town, La Valetta, Marrakech, St. Helena, Tangier, Tripoli, Tunis, as well as, animals and plants.
Title De Stadt Tripolis
Year ca. 1650
Description Map shows the port of Tripolis, capital of Libya with ships engaged in battle to the foreground. Title on decorative banner to sky. engraved double page view of Tripolis, Libya from Olfert Dapper's. Description de l'Afrique, the first edition in French; black and white, verso blank.
Dimensions (cm)27 x 35
ConditionVery good
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueCopper print


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