D’Albert’s Album 1856.

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D’Albert’s Album 1856.


Hard cardboard cover with gold embossing in floral ornaments. Gift book, 131 pages with music by Charles D'Albert and chromolithographic plates by John Brandard. Pebble lid with gold-plated lettering. The volume contains five chromolithographic plates according to Brandard (with possible additional hand coloring) as well as a title page also by Brandard. The six exquisite plates were printed by M. & N. Hanhart. Volume contains music for eighteen compositions by D'Albert. Contents in good, clean condition. The five large color plates in this volume represent illustrations that were used for the cover when D'Albert's compositions were published and sold individually. The area at the top and bottom of the Chromo illustrations that was left blank when released in the album was used in the solo edition of the sheet music to print the title of the composition at the top and bottom in the publisher's details. As received in the album, the five chromolithographic plates (plus title) are in almost new condition. (The presentation page is printed in monochrome and not assigned.) D'Albert's music, with Brandard's illustrations, is quite rare in album format. The five panels illustrate musical compositions entitled Angelina; The Mountain Daisy; Geneva; The Queen of the Gypsies; The bacchante.


c. 1856



Place of Publication London
Dimensions (cm)35,5 x 26,5 cm
ConditionCorners slightly compressed
TechniqueChromo Lithography


75.00 €

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