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D´ Apres nature par Gavarni..

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Artist Lemercier / Levasseur (1838-1875)
Huge Parisian firm of lithographic printers founded by Joseph Rose Lemercier (1803-1887), who began as the foreman for Langlumé in 1825. Working on his own account from 1827, 1829-36 in partnership with Bénard association formed in 1837 according to IFF catalogue for Joseph Lemercier. The firm was still active in 1841.
Title D´ Apres nature par Gavarni..
Year dated 1858
Description Book shows in 4 Bd., onn 40 Lithographies scetches from people of "normal life"
Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)39 x 29
ConditionVery good


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