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Decorative view of different cities in Euroep such as: Denmark-Koppenhagen, Netherlands-(Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Medemblick, Vlissingen, Brielle, Hellevoetsluis), Belgium (Nieuwpoort, Dunkirk, Ostende, Antwerpen), France (Port-Vendres, Saint Tropez, Collioure, Nizza, Villefranche-sur-Mer), Italy (Civitavettcchia)und England (Portsmouth, Ramsgate).


ca. 1820


Riedl (1746-1809)

Adrian Franz Xaver Florian Riedl, from 1790 von Riedl (1746-1809) was a German topographer and cartographer, coming from a family of cartographers who determined construction and surveying in Bavaria for over 75 years. In 1764 he fell on the scholars of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich through his cartographic implementation of the survey results of the French cartographer César François Cassini de Thury (1714–1784), which he had carried out in 1761 and 1762 in Bavaria. After the examination by the academy, Riedl was appointed electoral land geometer in 1766 and commissioned with the recording of the Bavarian road network in 1769. Over the years he followed his father in his positions as court chamber councilor (1771) and water, bridge and road construction commissioner ( 1772) according to. Together with General Building Director Joseph Aloys von Hofstetten, he developed the institutionalization and professionalization of construction and surveying. Adrian von Riedl's cartographic work of the Bavarian colonel and in various offices with road, bridge and especially hydraulic engineering could have been crowned with the Stromatlas if it had not been unfinished due to his sudden death. Nevertheless, the sheets published in several subscription deliveries were and still are the best and most accurate reproduction of Bavarian waters and could only be replaced by the Topographical Bureau 1812-1867 (see Topographical Atlas of Baiern) in the course of the official state survey.

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