Carte Nouvelle de l’electorat et Marquisat de Brandebourg

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Carte Nouvelle de l’electorat et Marquisat de Brandebourg


Map shows Mark Brandenburg with the sites Oderberg, Cüstrin, Frankfurt an der Oder, Gransee, Alt Ruppin, Seehausen (Saxony-Anhalt), Barleben (Saxony-Anhalt), Rzpin (German Reppen) and Stettin in Poland. With another plan from Berlin to Spandau.


ca. 1700


Ottens (1700-1750)

Joachim Ottens (1663 – 1719). Family of Publishers in Amsterdam and his sons Josua and Renier. Joachim Ottens .Joachim Ottens was the founder of the firm and worked before for Frederick de Wit . Joachim died only a few years later, his sons Renier and Joshua took over the firm and presided over its most prolific period.

Historical Description

The province of Pomerania, located in the north German lowlands, was the Prussian province formed from the Duchy of Pomerania after the Vienna Congress in 1815. It consisted of western Pomerania and Western Pomerania. Pomerania's capital was Szczecin. Through the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, Hinterpommern came to Brandenburg and Vorpommern became Swedish-Pommern. The Brandenburg Elector Friedrich Wilhelm I succeeded in conquering all of Swedish Pomerania in 1678, but he had to forego the majority of the conquered areas under pressure from France in the Peace of Saint-Germain (1679). After the end of the Great Northern War (1700-1721), the part of Western Pomerania south of the Peene came to Prussia (Old Western Pomerania). During the territorial reorganization of Europe in 1815, the last part of Western Pomerania, which remained Swedish, became Prussian with the island of Rügen (New Western Pomerania). At the same time, Pomerania received the districts of Dramburg and Schivelbein as well as the northern parts of the Arnswalde district with the town of Nörenberg from the Neumark, which otherwise remained with the province of Brandenburg.

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