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Carte Du Theatre de la Guerre

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Article ID AST0980
Artist Dopter (1843-1879)
Title Carte Du Theatre de la Guerre
Year ca. 1865
Decorative and spledourfull map of the black sea and its bordering countries. Map with the black sean and Russia, Moldavia, Wallachei, Bulgaria and Turkey with Istanbul. With portraits of important men, Abdul- Medjid- Sultan of the ottoman empire, Omer-Pacha- Ottoman General, Nicolas and Prince Menschikoff. On inset maps Greece and Sweden with Norway and Denmark. The map is sourrounded by historical views and events of the Ottoman war at the Krim, (Turkey and Russia, 1853- 1856). Issued from Dopter, Jules Emile, Paris (1843- 1879), a French Lithograph and publisher.
Place of Publication Paris
Dimensions (cm)55 x 84
ConditionSome folds partly restored, right lower corner replaced


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