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View of the city Cadia (now Iraklio) on the island of Kreta.


ca. 1486


Breidenbach, von (1440-1497)

Bernhard von Breidenbach ( also Breydenbach) was a leading official and politician of the Archbishopric of Mainz. He became known as the author of a widely read travel account to the Holy Land and as the editor of the first medical herbal book in German. published his own travel experiences as a printed book. The elaboration of his travelogue, which also contains information on the meaning of Arabic vocabulary, was undertaken by the Pforzheim Dominican Martin Rad.

Historical Description

The island of Creta is first described in texts from the Syrian city of Mari in the 18th century BC. BC called Kaptara, which are later repeated in Neoassyrian records and in the Bible (Caphtor). It was also known as Keftiu in ancient Egypt, strongly suggesting that a shape similar to both was the Minoan name for the island.

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