Bilder aus dem Zschopautale.

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Bilder aus dem Zschopautale.


Collection with 11 views from the Zschopautal in the Saxon Erzgebirgskreis, Germany. It shows the views of: Annaberg, Augustusburg, Wolkenstein, Scharfensstein, near Lichtewalde, memorial stone of Knight Harras, Sachsenburg, Zschopau castle, Schreckenberg ruin, Wiesenbad, … after the painting of Aug. Reinhard.


ca. 1880



Historical Description

Saxony-Wittenberg, in modern Saxony-Anhalt, became subject to the margravate of Meissen, ruled by the Wettin dynasty in 1423. This established a new and powerful state, occupying large portions of the present Free State of Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria (Coburg and its environs). Although the centre of this state was far to the southeast of the former Saxony, it came to be referred to as Upper Saxony and then simply Saxony, while the former Saxon territories were now known as Lower Saxony. In 1485, Saxony was split. A collateral line of the Wettin princes received what later became Thuringia and founded several small states there (see Ernestine duchies). The remaining Saxon state became still more powerful and was known in the 18th century for its cultural achievements, although it was politically weaker than Prussia and Austria, states which oppressed Saxony from the north and south, respectively.

Place of Publication Dresden
Dimensions (cm)23 x 31 cm
ConditionPerfect condition
TechniqueWood engraving


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