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Bern mit der Eisenbahnbrücke.

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Article ID EUC3818
Artist Terwen
Title Bern mit der Eisenbahnbrücke.
Year ca. 1863
Description Decorative total view of Bern, in the foreground the Railway bridge crossing the river Aare, called the red briodge.
The city of is the de facto capital of Switzerland. The medieval city is a foundation of the Zähringer ruling family, which rose to power in Upper Burgundy in the 12th century. According to 14th-century historiography (Cronica de Berno, 1309), Bern was founded in 1191 by Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen.In 1218, after Berthold died without an heir, Bern was made a free imperial city by the Goldene Handfeste of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. In 1353, Bern joined the Swiss Confederacy, becoming one of the eight cantons of the formative period of 1353 to 1481. Bern invaded and conquered Aargau in 1415 and Vaud in 1536, as well as other smaller territories, thereby becoming the largest city-state north of the Alps; by the 18th century, it comprised most of what is today the canton of Bern and the canton of Vaud. The city grew out towards the west of the boundaries of the peninsula formed by the river Aare.
Place of Publication Darmstadt
Dimensions (cm)14 x 18
ConditionVery good
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueSteel engraving


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