Bazar de Nertschinsk.

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Bazar de Nertschinsk.


Very nice view showing a bazaar in the city of Nerchinsk in the Transbaikalia region, Russia.


ca. 1800


Adam & Gros

Historical Description

Nerchinsk is a city in the Transbaikalia region. In 1653, a Cossack detachment under Pyotr Beketov (c. 1610-1656) built an ostrog named Neljudski on the right bank of the Shilka River, opposite the mouth of the Nertcha River. In 1658 the Yeniseisk voivode Afanassi Pashkov moved the ostrog up the river Nerchha to an island between two arms of the river. From 1689 the resulting settlement was called "town". In the same year, the Treaty of Nerchinsk was signed here, which regulated the relations and the course of the border in Transbaikalia between Russia and China (the Manchurian Empire of the Qing Dynasty) for the next good 150 years. In 1697, a customs station was established for the export of furs to China. From 1708, Nerchinsk belonged to the Siberian Governorate, from 1719 to the Tobolsk Province, and from 1764 to the Irkutsk Governorate. From 1822, Nerchinsk became a district town in the Irkutsk Governorate, and from 1851 in the newly formed Transbaikalia Oblast.

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