Australien. Häuser auf Pfählen. /Götterbilder auf der Insel Ramak

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Australien. Häuser auf Pfählen. /Götterbilder auf der Insel Ramak


Representation of natives fromthe Rawak islands, New Guinea.


ca. 1790



Historical Description

The Portuguese Jorge de Meneses, who explored the north coast and offshore islands in 1526/27, is considered the island's European explorer. In 1545 the Spaniard Íñigo Ortiz de Retez landed and named the island "New Guinea" because the coast reminded him of that of the African Guinea, which he had previously passed. In 1623 Jan Carstenszoon mapped large parts of the coast on behalf of the Dutch East India Company. Since then, the Dutch East India Company has maintained business and political contacts with the region and the Sultanate of Tidore.

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