Australien. Ansicht der Insel Tininian. / Bewohner der Marianen

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Australien. Ansicht der Insel Tininian. / Bewohner der Marianen


Representation of natives from Maraina Islands.


ca. 1790



Historical Description

Guam is the largest and southernmost island of the Mariana Islands archipelago in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is a foreign territory of the United States. The capital is Hagatna, formerly Agana. In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to discover the archipelago, formerly also known as Ladrones (Ladrons), and his sailors named it Islas de Ladrones (Island of Thieves: "Thieves' Islands") because of thefts by islanders who had come on board. The Marianas became the hub of the Spanish Asian fleet with the Manila Galleon. On Guam, the necessary infrastructure was developed to supply the galleons. Later, in honor of Maria Anna of Austria, Archduchess of Austria, the Spanish renamed the archipelago "Islas Marianas", a name that has survived to this day.

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