Aussicht des Schlosses Batavia von der Seite des Zuckermagazins.

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Aussicht des Schlosses Batavia von der Seite des Zuckermagazins.


Beautiful view of the city and harbour of Jacarta (former Batavia) with offshore ships. Under the view a statement from A-L. From the Allgemeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande.


ca. 1764


Schwabe (1714-1784)

An edited by Johann Joachim Schwabe (1714-1784), the most extensive and important German-language collection of travel descriptions of the 18th century, published by Arkstee and Merkus in Leipzig in 21 volumes from 1747 to 1774. The collection was based on the English New general collection of voyages and travels (4 volumes, 1745-1747) and the French Histoire générale des voyages (20 volumes, 1746-1791), but complemented the works selected by the English and French editors Thomas Astley and Antoine-François Prévost and translated more faithfully than the French edition. Abbé Prevost had worked on it from 1746 to 1759 (volume 15). Immanuel Kant drew some ethnological knowledge from it. Johann Joachim Schwabe (1714 -1784) was a German scholar, librarian, philosopher and translator. Schwabe taught in Leipzig and was a member of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences. An enthusiastic pupil of Johann Christoph Gottsched, he translated Jonathan Swift to German conditions on Gottsched's advice (1734). He edited the Belustigungen des Verstandes und des Witzes, one of the important critical and fine arts journals of the Enlightenment, which appeared from 1741 to 1745. He published the second edition of Benjamin Hederich's book Gründliches mythologisches Lexicon in 1770. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller and Heinrich von Kleist still drew their mythological knowledge from it, and individual articles were included in Zedler's Universal-Lexicon (1732-1754).

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