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Aus der Zeit der Fastenspeisen.

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Artist Bechstein (1801-1860)
Ludwig Bechstein was a German writer, librarian, archivist and pharmacist. He is best known today for the collection of German folk tales he edited. Bechstein's patriotic poetry and his historical stories and novels, such as Der Dunkelgraf, are little known today. What remains are his collections of fairy tales, published under the title Deutsches Märchenbuch (1845), among others. Bechstein also collected sagas. His extensive Deutsches Sagenbuch (1853) did not become as popular as his fairy tale collection, but is still used today as a compendium of German sagas.
Title Aus der Zeit der Fastenspeisen.
Year ca. 1880
Description Six scenes showing people having a meal during the chamfering time. Ludwig Bechstein is afamous german drawer and illustrator, the son of Ludwig Bechstein ( 1801- 1860)
Dimensions (cm)28,5 x 24
ConditionVery good
Coloringoriginal colored
TechniqueWood engraving


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